Self Portraits Self Portraits Public Bathroom 36548121 Kissing 36548122 Pink Room 36548123 Crying 36548124 Cedar and I 36548125 Cat-Eye Glasses 69046005 Mask 69465967 Facial 69670781 Twins 69670782 Meat Section 72595316 Scared 69467553 Me With White Balloon 71319873 Me in Red Coat 154983542 Schizophrenia is Taking Me Home The title of the piece is a song lyric by Sonic Youth from the song "Schizophrenia." This image is part of a photo shoot in which I tried to make images that express how I feel when I hear that song. 172908230 Me With Venetian Blinds 183808916 Heidi 190691530 All Dolled Up 200633604 Christmas 2016 204513005