Door County, Wisconsin Door County, Wisconsin Bride Bird-Brain Bride-- Perhaps the most outrageous, disturbing, and hilarious piece of lawn sculpture I have ever seen-- and in Wisconsin, no less! Is she a Bride, is she Our Lady of the Lawn Art, is she a ScareHusband (like a scarecrow) or all of the above? She is definitely a force to be reckoned with. 49677186 Bride Face 49677079 Back of Bride 49677185 Water 49677076 Water 2 49677077 Water 3 49677078 69751958 Country Moon 49779048 Blue Glass 49677180 Blue Glass 2 49677181 Blue Glass 3 49677182 Bottle Tree In case you didn't catch on, all the "Blue Glass" pictures were abstractions of the bottles on this tree. The people who owned this tree are from the South, where it is tradition to hang bottles from tree branches. I later read in a book about spirituality in the South that evil spirits are attracted to the pretty colors and then get trapped in the bottles 49677184 Watching the Sunset My mom with my dad in the background 49701127 Leaf Shadows 69578187 Leaf Shadows 2 69578185 Leaf Shadows 3 69578186 Billy and Johnny 69751959 Tommy Sleeping One nice thing about being married is that you always have someone around to take pictures of! 99897751 Window 141265021 Angel As you can imagine, a lot of copies of this one sold at my church's art show this year (2011) 141265022 Believe "Sometimes there's poetry written on the bathroom wall" -- Ani Difranco 141265023 Bird This is my favorite shot from Door County 2011 141265024 Flower This image captures the way I remember summer as a little kid 141265025 Water Fooling around with focus 141265026 Lovers 183808939 Dress 183808940 Fair Warning 183808941 Untitled 183808942 Untitled 183808943 Mist 2014 194907905 Bliss 2016 " 'I had one of the most magical, blissful, heavenly moments of my life while on vacation with my family. I felt like I was 14 or 15 again, before the heavy depression that was going to be a nearly constant companion set in. I felt weightless?because depression really does weigh you down. In this moment, I was sitting on a pier overlooking the lake in Wisconsin, dangling my bare feet over the edge. What was especially magical was that I felt like a kid again with my husband Tommy who was sitting right next to me, dangling his feet over the side of the pier, too. I felt like a kid while sitting next to the love of my adult life. The feeling was almost indescribable. And almost as quickly as it came, it went away. Luckily I snapped the picture at the right moment as a testament to what I was looking at during the fleeting sense of bliss.' I feel like this quote captures so much about you and Tommy's amazing relationship and what photography means to you. All moments are fleeting ("All things must pass"), but we can remember them... Thank you Gaia for your life giving water, liquid Moon light, linked to all the stars by unseen strands of energy." -Billy Caudy, partially quoting my HealthyPlace article. This is the picture I snapped. 203187370 Gas Station 2019 205904641